Black River Organics
Contact: Chester Bowling and Margaret D'Anieri
Address: 18369 State Route 58 Wellington, OH, 44090
Email Address:
Phone: 440-647-3927
About Us
Black River Organics is a 42 acre sustainable farm offering fresh local fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and hay. One of our most popular products is pick-your-own blueberries.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the healthiest and highest quality food available. Whenever possible we grow heirloom varieties. Our two moveable high tunnels make it possible for us to grow food ten out of twelve months.

We are working toward being a zero carbon farm and we strictly follow sustainable and eco-friendly growing practices. For example, soil block seedling/plant starting in our greenhouse eliminates the use of plastic tray inserts.

For weed and pest control we use intensive crop rotation, innovative weed management techniques and green manure cover crops. We provide natural nourishment and healthy organic matter replenishment to our soil. Portions of our farm are dedicated for native species habitats.

sustainable and eco-friendly growing practices